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Photo and video gallery of Shelf installs.
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No, not the type of #2 you're thinking (although we look back on some of our original design ideas and think of it that way) but the second functional prototype Shelf installed in a Scion xD. We got smart here and added buttons, but thought that having them on the side was best. After the bottom lip of the Shelf broke off (while reaching for the turn-signal) we started looking for ways to reinforce the lip when we had an A-Ha! moment and placed the buttons on the bottom instead. And for the record, pretty sure it was my idea :)
IMG_0862.JPG (2.87 MiB) Viewed 393 times
IMG_0866.JPG (2.91 MiB) Viewed 393 times
SIDE buttons = #2
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College Homework while driving?!? Wasn't me.
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