Will the shelf still function on a device with fingerprint lock enabled?

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Sat Oct 05, 2019 10:34 am

Also a question from Greg A via email:

Each device of course is different but what we found is that once you pair your device the Shelf interface buttons and steering controls working in any state the device is in. ( powered on and paired )

So vol up and down, play/pause, reverse ( if your app allows reverse ), skip, take and end calls, and most conveniently our AI trigger! So a locked down phone ( push AI trigger on front interface or mapped steering button ) readies Siri, Google or whatever AI you have set as default on your device.

We built the Shelf to be convenient! ( with HD quality audio over Bluetooth )
You get in, start your vehicle, place your shelf ( see it immediately start charging wirelessly ) and hit play! That's about 3 seconds! Then... depending on your commute you hit the AI trigger ask your phone to plot a destination, Play Pandora, Play Audible, Play iHeart radio, Find the nearest bar with a Jimmy Buffet theme... Convenient! And you device is in its optimal viewing area - no need to even touch it!

Unless you capturing Pokémon! But we suggest you get out of your vehicle and do that! 8 )

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