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Where we’re going and where we’ve been.
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In case you haven't found the Easter egg in our website, here's Vehroot's origin story:

On a starry evening in late summer 2015, four individuals with backgrounds in aviation, automotive, IT, and composites engineering began a discussion around an ugly card board box crammed with electronics and held together with masking tape.

The sad ugly box was quickly transformed into attractive 3D printed versions in the exciting months and discussions that followed. Patents filed, market analysis complete, lawyer hands shaken, battle (oops I mean business) plans laid, on the crisp clear morning of December 15th, 2015 Vehroot was legally established in the State of Wisconsin as an LLC Partnership with the purpose of changing automotive electronics into something that doesn’t suck.

Vehroot’s founders hail from diverse States, generations, and backgrounds, but share a common disappointment with the current state of automotive innovation. We were among those children and young adults watching the big screen in 1985 when Michael J. Fox suggested our flying cars of 2015 would run on recycled garbage. Today’s gasoline and gravity dependent vehicles fail to meet imaginings of 30 years ago.

The Shelf is Vehroot’s first product to market. For Vehroot customers the Shelf is a simple stereo offering the best solution for mobile device use within a vehicle. For Vehroot founders the Shelf is an anti-gravity device for lifting an industry out of its quagmire to rise up and meet imagination where it has been patiently waiting for 30+ years.

Forcing an industry to follow us will not be easy, we know, but turning industry on its head is the common story behind every household brand name today.
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I STILL Love Nokia
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Automotive tech is SO bad today, I could have even sold the Shelf like this :)
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