Vehroot's next generation Shelf will be built around the CSRA68105 SoC and this area will be dedicated to knowledge sharing and information related to to that platform.
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If you are here, you are interested in the CSRA68105 Blutooth Audio Soc from Qualcomm®

Which is great! because so are we! And we hope to find partners to share information about this Soc to help build our Shelf and learn from each other.

Of course please register as a user with us here at: http://support.vehroot.com to start collaborating.

Vehroot Corp as an entity has a full access account at https://createpoint.qti.qualcomm.com/ that gives us access to all the manuals, tools ( software ) and documents for the Product Kit: CSRA68105 Bluetooth Speaker (Platform). Now we paid a bunch of money to have access to all the stuff above but you should setup an account there to get you started.

I just ordered the CSRA68105 Dev Kit - DK-CSRA68105-TFBGA213-A-0 and should get mine next week ( 5/19/2020 ) or so and I gotta tell you I am in Nerd heaven waiting to get my hands on it.

The product brief on this Soc can be found here: https://www.qualcomm.com/media/document ... -brief.pdf

As you know, as of right now there is not much out there about the CSRA6815 but I did find this article: https://www.codico.com/fxdata/codico/pr ... v2_web.pdf I did reach out to Johan, who wrote the article and he connected me to Qualcomms Product Marketing Manager for this Soc and they in turn connectd me to our local manufacturing representative firm for Qualcomm.

Most of my knowledge is with the CSR8675 which is currently what is under the hood of our Shelf: However we use module from Sierra Wireless that got us started but just does not have enough access to the native CSR8675 due to thier firmware that sits on top of the CSR8675: Sierras BC-127: https://www.sierrawireless.com/products ... cts/bc127/

Getting feed up with the lack of support from Sierra on their BC-127 is what has lead Vehroot to take on the CSRA6815. Our hope is to find a company that can build a fully qualified module for us to use on our circuit board but as of now we have not found that company. So in the meantime, we plan to learn everything we can about this new SoC and either build a module ourselves or learn enough to fully integrate the DB-CSRA68105-TFBGA213-A-0 ( When it becomes available ) into the build of a next production prototype.

This is where we are at. So if you are knowledgeable about this new Qualcomm® SoC, CSR8675, cVc, aptX™ HD, Car Audio Tech this is the place for you!

Sign up, reach out, and lets learn together.

Thanks for reading this!
Shaun Trites - shauno@vehroot.com
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